The Arizona Cardinals weren’t a popular Super Bowl pick last year, but at least one lunatic made the choice (*waves*). Don’t expect any such hype this season, with the Cardinals going through a major transition during the offseason, moving on from Bruce Arians to Steve Wilks and Carson Palmer to Sam Bradford/Mike Glennon/Josh Rosen.

Still, as Will Leitch of MLB/NY Mag pointed out to me on the Pick Six Podcast, it’s hard not to at least be excited about the future of the franchise after the Cards secured Rosen in the draft. 

“To me, I was definitely on the I Don’t Want Allen camp. I think I wanted Mayfield, because Mayfield is just such an electric player. But [when the Cardinals weren’t] going to get Mayfield, and it became very clear, Rosen was actually the guy I wanted,” Leitch explained. “So to see them make that move and not just to make the move — to trade up to do it but to not actually give up very much, that was the thing that really clinched the move for me. For him to kind of fall, and the notorious “Nine Mistakes Before Me’ idea … it really was a perfect situation: he fell enough where they could get him, they had to trade up to get him, which shows they’re really into him, but they didn’t actually have to give up very much. That was kind of the strike zone. 

“This is the guy, I think he’s one of the people that’s most ready to play immediately if something happens to Bradford — you like that I said if — when something happens to Bradford, this is the guy that feels like the safest pick to me. The best accuracy, he’s been able to throw the deep ball and he’s someone who could play pretty [quickly]. 

“To get that guy, it didn’t feel like they stretched, for a team that clearly needed a quarterback, they didn’t get desperate. I didn’t think Arizona acted out of desperation and it was a well-thought-out move.”

He’s not wrong: Arizona got up to get Rosen in pretty cheap fashion and now has both quarterbacks who can help immediately and down the road. A once very questionable situation — the Cards had literally no quarterbacks under contract when the league year started — could actually be a strength for Arizona this year. 

Leitch actually could see a surprising season for the Cards this year, which you can hear him break down on the full podcast below. Make sure and subscribe to our DAILY, NFL podcast: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play.

Here’s the full rundown of the show:

1. The QB situation and acquiring Josh Rosen

2. How will the transition from Bruce Arians to Steve Wilks look?

3. Is Larry Fitzgerald underrated?

4. Buy or sell the Seahawks‘ demise and the 49ers’ rise?

5. Pick one thing to change about the Cardinals 

6. Over/under 5.5 wins for Arizona in 2018