Seven weeks into the season, early surprises have solidified themselves in the standings, while rough Aprils might have been indicative of larger issues. Time for another round of rankings. 

Now that we’ve reach mid-May, our preseason expectations and evaluations of each team’s roster have fallen behind their actual play on the field when it comes to determining the best squads in baseball.

It doesn’t matter that we thought the Dodgers had the talent and depth to run away with the National League West, or that we were certain the Pirates would be competing for the top pick in the 2019 draft. When Los Angeles loses Corey Seager and finds themselves closer to last than to first, and Pittsburgh is sitting atop the most competitive division in baseball, you have to accept that this is the new reality.

I’ve constantly said that I want to wait until Memorial Day to reach any sweeping conclusions about the league, but when a team looks as dominant as the Braves or as pitiful as the Orioles, it’s tough to ignore. These rankings are still pretty fluid, as a strong two weeks can still have quite an impact on the standings. For example, the Nats and Yankees likely were close to falling out of the top 10 prior to their ridiculous starts to May.

Still, things are clearer now than they were even just three weeks ago, and it’s worth taking another look around the league to see what’s changed. With that, please enjoy our most recent (likely futile) attempt at figuring out where every team stands in Major League Baseball.


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