Well, that was awkward.The Toronto Blue Jays were forced to delete one of their tweets Monday after some well-intentioned bragging blew up in their face.Major League Baseball has been hit hard by Mother Nature so far this spring, so much so, 23 baseball games have already been postponed because of inclement weather.  And it’s only April!READ MORE: Toronto Blue Jays game cancelled after falling ice damages stadium roofOn Sunday afternoon, the San Diego Padres had a little fun at the expense of other MLB teams who play in, let’s just say, more volatile climates.Attention: Due to weather, today’s game will be…… played as scheduled 😎 pic.twitter.com/i5MkeyrezT— San Diego Padres (@Padres) April 15, 2018The Blue Jays decided to have a little fun of their own on Monday, but it backfired in a big way.A story in three acts. #BlueJays #icestorm2018 pic.twitter.com/xn7dH2QXMt— Craig Lord (@CraigSLord) April 16, 2018Rogers Centre Roof report: Dome is open (partially) tonight #oops #noball #toronto #safety #doubleheader pic.twitter.com/zATJSNDgSq— compman (@compman) April 16, 2018But the team was forced to delete the tweet just hours later after snow and ice from the CN Tower crashed down onto the dome and caused a big hole in the roof.Crews were quickly dispatched to make repairs and there was some thought, initially, that the roof could be patched up in time before Monday night’s game against the Kansas City Royals.The @BlueJays have cancelled tonight’s home game for the first time in 17 years. Even after promising yesterday “no game will be missed.”Reports say @TourCNTower’s falling ice ruined that. Whoops. https://t.co/Fx8yMoJZQH— Tyler Collins (@MrTyCollins) April 16, 2018But the game was postponed, marking Toronto’s third straight day off after the final two games of their series in Cleveland over the weekend were scrapped by rain.I guess you can say Karma is a – well, you know the rest.