Tim Tebow Play for the Cubs? No. Play for the XFL? Don’t Rule It Out …


Here’s another episode of “Playing It Coy,” starring Tim Tebow … who says he really doesn’t know whether he’d consider signing with the XFL.

Tebow was gentlemanly as ever when we got him at LAX on Tuesday — but when the topic of Vince McMahon‘s XFL offer got brought up again, he gave us the ol’ Heisman stiff-arm. 

“I don’t know — that’s a long way from now.”

He does have a point. The XFL doesn’t launch til 2020.

Timmy did give us a clear answer when our photog — a Chicago guy — asked about him potentially playing for the Cubs. 

That was a pretty firm no … probably ’cause Tebow says he’s focused on what’s in front of him — another spring training with the Mets!