Well this is it for our weekly adventures, Mets fans, as Spring Training is finally here! Isn’t it great to have baseball back in our lives? I’m not going to lie though, I will miss conversing with you all once a week about the off-field shenanigans the Mets are up to — yes, even despite those of you who would tweet at me asking if it was possible to do a weekly recap just of signings (it is, by the way, but where’s the fun in just that?!).

What were the Mets up to this last week of no baseball? Well, for the most part, baseball, as most of them reported early to Port St. Lucie. No, I have no reports of Yoenis Cespedes riding into camp on horseback yet, but I will keep a lookout and hopefully can bring that update to you even without our weekly chats.

Dominic Smith did not report to Spring Training before some of the other hittersy (cue everyone making comments about how he of all players should’ve been there earlier). But don’t worry, according to his Instagram story, he’ll get there in time. It’s also Bag Season, FYI…

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